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Cinema Excelsior
Montecatini has many well preserved buildings of the Liberty Period, that the city suggests to follow a route beginning from Piazza del Popolo in the way to discover all secret beauties of Montecatini. In Viale Verdi it’s possible to visit the Town Hall ended in the year 1920 by Raffaello Brizzi and Luigi Righetti. Inside we find decorations of Galileo Chini and Luigi Arcangeli.

Continuing on this street we find the Cinema Excelsior built in the 1922 by Ugo Giovannozzi, that represents a real evidence of the european Liberty style ( see its iron and glass roofing and the curvilinear front with portico). In the opposite side of this street we find the Tamerici Pavillon, planed in the year 1903 by Giulio Bernardini for the selling of the Tamerici salts and for the shop of the Manufacture " L’arte della Ceramica"founded in the year 1896 by Galileo Chini and decorated with four gres

panels by Domenico Trentacoste, representing all phases of the ceramics working. Walking again on this street, we find now the Excelsior watering place, built during the first years of the 1900 by will of the Honourable Mr Pietro Baragiola. It was planed as Cafè-Concertand Casinò, but after a renovation of the 1915 by Bernardini, it was transformed in watering place. The modern structure of this building opened in the year 1968 is close to the park which is 4500 sm wide
Stabilimento Excelsior
Near to the park we find the Leopoldine spa of the eighteenth century almost completely transformed by Ugo Giovannozzi between the 1922 and 1926. At the end of Viale Verdi there is the building of the Tettuccio spa, rebuilt by Mr Giovannozzi who reassembled the original face inside the building.
Stabilimento Tettuccio
The Tettuccio is a real thermal city with parks, café-concert and shops.The decorations of the many pavillons are very intersting . We are speaking about the Ceramics of the Galleria delle Bibite by Basilio Cascella, the frescos of Giuseppe Moroni in the writing room and of Giulio Bargellini and Maria Biseo in the Café hall,
and the decorations of Ezio Giovannozzi in the dome of the orchestra gallery covered by majolica scale tiles of The Chini’s Manufacture. Close to the Tettuccio spring, Mr Giovannozzi renovated the Regina building. In front of it we find the fountain of Raffaello Romanelli (1925)
with the subject of the heron and the frog, symbol of Montecatini Terme. Not very far from the Tettuccio spa, inside the park , it’s possible to visit the Tamerici spa, renovated in the year 1910 by Giulio Bernardini and by Ugo Giusti now seat of the " Circolo Culturale Tamerici". Galileo Chini realized inside the panels, the counters, the glass-window and the floors of the old hall of the bar. Our visit ends by the " Grand Hotel & Pace" built in the second half of the 1800 and more times transformed. In the year 1904 opened the Feast hall with Frescos of the Chini who made also the drawings of the glass windows of the old hall. Inside the city we find many other exemples of Liberty style like the private Villa Agatina on Puccini Street.
Fontana Simbolo di Montecatini Terme
This villa has glass windows and ceramics decorations of the Chini’s Manufacture. The Villa planed in the year 1919 by the architecte Giustiniani, has a harmonious structure and refined decorations. Another Villa in Liberty style built about in 1920 is called villino de "Il Rinfresco" on IV Novembre street.


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